After an initial consultation about any previous and current conditions, your treatment will start on a massage couch in our warm, quiet, cosy rooms. Practitioners usually work on skin but Bowen can be administered through one layer of loose, light clothing if preferred by the client.

Precise, gentle rolling movements are performed over muscles, tendons and occasionally nerves, in short sequences and at key structural points to re-awaken the restorative mechanisms of your body.

One of the defining features of Bowen therapy is that a few minutes rest is given to you between each set of moves. This is to allow your body time to react to and integrate the work. Your practitioner will leave the room during these few minutes, which may at first seem strange, but is an essential part of this powerful technique. On return the client is often sleeping, a testament to how deeply relaxing a treatment can be.

Often people feel subtle sensations, their bodies shifting or even emotions arising during a session. If you do notice any of these, please tell your practitioner, as this may be useful information and will perhaps give more clues as to the root of your condition, and where and when to work next.


Your treatment will last from 20 minutes to an hour and is a quiet time, a time for you to relax and listen to your body, with minimal talking, except for feedback to your practitioner.

While some experience immediate relief, improvement is just as likely to unfold over following few days.

Please follow carefully the after-care guidance given to you and do any exercises that may have been suggested for you.

Often just three or four treatments are needed, but sometimes with longer standing conditions more are necessary. Many people receive treatments on a regular basis, just as they would a massage to help keep their body balanced and healthy.