helpng the body heal itself



After your Bowen treatment it is important to observe the following:


Please don’t sit for more than ½ an hour at a time on the day of treatment only. This does not mean that you have to spend all day standing up. If you stand and walk around the chair you were sitting on, and then sit down again, that is sufficient. Please don’t forget this if you are in a car.


After or between treatments:


  1. Drink plenty of water - little and often is best

  2. Do plenty of walking - at least 15 minutes a day

  3. Practice any exercises that you may have been set




AVOID the following (preferably for 1 week after treatment):


  1. Sitting with your legs crossed

  2. Hot-water bottles/packs of frozen peas

  3. Electric blankets

  4. Deep-heat rubs

  5. Long, hot baths - a warm bath for no longer than 10 minutes is OK

  6. Hot, hard showers - a power shower is out of the question. A gentle flow, not too hot is OK.


If your jaw has been worked on, you should avoid yawning. Please keep your teeth together or support your lower jaw with your hand if you feel a yawn coming on. Fruit/food which requires a wide jaw movement (such as apples) should be avoided or cut up. You should avoid hard food such as nuts, and chewy foods like toffees. However, it is a good excuse not to go to the dentist between treatments!


Don't have any other form of physical treatment. This is very important. If you wish to have a massage, physiotherapy or any other form of ‘bodywork’ treatment, please wait until you have finished your Bowen treatments before embarking on something else. You may, however use homeopathic and/or herbal medicines and of course whatever you may have been prescribed by your doctor at the same time as Bowen.


You may feel stiff and achy after the treatment for a couple of days. Do not panic. This is perfectly normal and is your body correcting and detoxifying itself. If you are in a lot of pain please do not rub the area, but take a painkiller, Arnica or Rescue Remedy if necessary. If after a few days you are still in a lot of pain, or if you are worried, please feel free to contact me.

A second treatment is recommended, and needs to be between 5 and 10 days after the initial treatment.

Observing the above as much as possible will help Bowen to be effective.

I hope that you have enjoyed your Bowen treatment and will find it beneficial.