helping the body heal itself

Bowen is appropriate for everyone, from newborns to the very elderly and frail and can help with a vast range of conditions from back ache to sciatica, migraine and IBS.


As a holistic therapy, The Bowen Technique focuses on treating the person as a whole and not just a specific symptom.

Those who might get results from Bowen range from highly trained athletes to pregnant women, who each benefit equally, according to need.

Each session is tailored to the individual and your needs with the aim being to bring the body back into balance and restoring optimum health and function.

 Many come to find Bowen having exhausted other avenues and are so pleased that they did, with often hugely positive results.

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‘I had my first treatment in early July and have not had a migraine since and it is now early November.......I cannot recommend this therapy and especially Seamus highly enough. I believe this is the best money I have ever spent on myself and consider it a bargain for the improvement to my quality of life.’

 Tammy, 49



I was suffering with pains in my leg for some time. I visited a physio therapist, who diagnosed me with sciatica, but was unable to bring any relief to my discomfort. The Bowen Technique on the other hand brought substantial relief to my symptoms even after just one treatment. I only needed four sessions in total to almost alleviate the problem. Now and again it creeps back, but never as bad as it was at the beginning, and nothing a couple of sessions with Seamus can't sort out! I highly recommend Bowen and Seamus if you suffer from sciatica.

Michelle, 40


Knee pain.

'It gave me a wonderful calm sense of peace, alleviated the pain, and changed my state completely.’

Shakeel, 49


Persistent shoulder pain, low energy and acute menopausal symptoms

"After the first session I realised he had expert hands, as the back pain I suffered for a few months got better.

After the second session my menopause symptoms were gone and I felt on top of the world . "

Christine, 50


Crohn’s Disease.

"Since starting my Bowen therapy sessions, I feel that there has been a positive effect on pain and tiredness, as well as an incredible feeling of wellbeing for days following treatment. This has helped me with management of my depression, in turn easing the nausea exacerbated by stress. "

Paul, 33


Severe neck/shoulder pain and temporomandibular joint problems.   

"When I walked into the treatment room that day, my pain was at 10.  When I left, it was at about a 4.  The next day it went down to a 2, and the day following it was gone.  Not only that, I seemed to have gained a great deal of mental clarity from the session. "

Wendy, 34


Back pain, insomnia and depression/anxiety.

" I am very glad to have received Bowen and I attribute my great improvements psychologically and physically to it. I have been able to rise out of deep depression and start addressing issues of my health, chiefly weight loss, and I have a brighter and more optimistic outlook on life. My back is back to normal and with the weight loss my future health is being secured further. The results as far as I am concerned have been practically magical. "

Jonathan, 37


Repetitive strain injury.

"I'm a professional musician and I came to Bowen with a specific problem in my forearms. After a couple of sessions, I realised that was only the tip of the iceberg and that I had serious tension in places I'd never have imagined, such as my jaw, thighs, lower back, and just about everywhere. I've now been coming every week for a while, and after each session I feel twice as light and as if I'm walking on air, amazed at how effortless by body can really feel. The day after my third session, an invisible pressure lifted from my chest and I could breathe with an ease I never thought possible. A freer posture has improved my state of mind and confidence. Now that I realise just how much our bodies are unwittingly abused, I'm hoping it might be kinder to me in old age if I take better care of it now!

Seamus is a great therapist and I'd recommend him. He is friendly yet professional, and makes you feel at ease."

Gaspar, 22


Recurring Shoulder Pain.

"I had a recurring shoulder injury that prevented restful sleep and restricted my movement for over 4 months.  Various treatments and rest only gave temporary relief until I was introduced to Seamus and the Bowen Technique.  It is designed to assist in helping the body manage its own recovery and is particularly successful at treating recurring muscular injuries, like mine.  Within a short course of treatment the improvement in pain relief and range of movement was dramatic and today I sleep well and am back to full training, all thanks to Seamus and the Bowen Technique."

Darren, 40


1pm until 9pm every Thursday at The Little Escape, SE19, London


The Musculo Skeletal System

Frozen Shoulder/Shoulder Pain • Tennis Elbow • RSI • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Arthritic Pain • TMJ Syndrome • Scoliosis • Postural Problems • Gait Disorders • Fibromyalgia • Leg Length Discrepancies • Plantar Fasciitis • Shin Splints • Foot and Ankle Problems • Hernia • Knee and Hip Restrictions • Pelvic Problems • Sciatica


The Respiratory System

Asthma • Bronchitis • Hay Fever • Sinusitis • Allergies


The Digestive System

Constipation • Colic • Crohn's Disease • Indigestion • Bowel Problems • IBS • Haemorrhoids


Sports / Physical Professions

Improved Flexibility • Improved Performance • Injury Prevention • Sports Injury Recovery


General Well-being

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome • Migraine/Headaches • Vertigo/Balance Problems • Tinnitus • Prostate Problems



Infertility • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome • Menopausal Symptoms


During Pregnancy

Back Ache/Sciatica • Breast Tenderness • Swollen Legs • Carpal Tunnel • General Well-being and Energy Levels


Post Childbirth

Re-aligning the Body and Spine after Childbirth • Mastitis


Children and Babies

Colic in Infants • Asthma • Glue Ear • Sinus Problems • Headache and Migraine • Indigestion • Dyslexia • Cerebral Palsy • Dyspraxia • ADHD • Bed Wetting

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We recommend that for all serious medical conditions you should visit your GP first.